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Civil Partnerships

Civil Partnership and Gay Wedding Promises

The following examples may inspire you , or help you to think of your own vows to make to each other , as a part of your civil partnership ceremony. Feel free to experiment with mixing and matching parts of several vows, until you find what you would really like to say to one another.

  • I promise that I will respect you as an individual
    support you through difficult times
    rejoice with you through happy times
    be loyal to you always
    and above all , love you as my partner and friend


  • I promise to care for you above all others
    to give you my love and friendship
    to support you and comfort you
    and to respect and cherish you throughout our lives together


  • I promise to love you in good times and in bad
    to cherish and to care for you
    and to live with you in love and harmony
    whatever the future might bring


  • I promise to love you above all others
    and to respect and cherish you throughout our life together


  • I will seek to build a strong, loving relationship with you
    based on the kindness, understanding and trust that are already part of us both
    I promise to share my life with you as an equal partner
    and to work with you ensure that our love and friendship continue to grow


  • I promise that I will honour and respect you
    that I will love and care for you through good fortune and adversity
    and that I will strive to live with you in love and happiness
    for the rest of our life together


  • I promise to be your partner and to share my life with you
    I will be there for you always and support you in all you do
    for as long as we both shall live


  • I promise you that I will cherish our love
    and I promise to be faithful as your partner and as your friend
    until my life ends


  • I promise to love you and to cherish you always
    and to respect and honour you


  • I promise to value our relationship and to be honest with you


  • I promise that I will be there to comfort you in times of stress
  • I promise to bring you joy, happiness and laughter
    so that as partners we can enjoy our life together
    and confidently face any challenges which life may bring


  • I promise to bring only kindness and love to our relationship
    I will comfort you in sadness
    laugh with you in happiness
    and I will try to make all your dreams come true