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Baby Naming

“When you were born you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life, so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice”
Native Indian Blessing.

Baby/Child naming ceremonies are becoming more popular as a non-religious way to welcome the arrival of newborn or welcome an adopted child into a family, even to celebrate the uniting of two families from previous marriages!

For many, the arrival of a child has been the final commitment in a partnership, the ultimate celebration of love and togetherness, while for others, forging a new life has been a challenging, difficult and trying journey of resilience and determination to bring a new person into the world or to offer a stable and loving home to a child who may otherwise have been lost to love and community, and all these families wish to celebrate their own journey and commitment to the future of another human being.

These ceremonies allow for a celebration of the birth and a welcoming into the family while allowing for the child to determine their own philosophical/religious/spiritual path in the future.

You can make very personal promises to your child, other family members can offer readings, say prayers, sing songs, you can identify Guide parents or Fairy Godmothers/Fathers to make a commitment or pledge to your baby. You can incorporate rituals such as rose or tree planting, balloon release, pledge tree, treasure box, you can ask your family and friends to share vows and pledges to support your child in their life and future endeavours.

Every new child in a family offers the opportunity for a warm and loving heartfelt welcome and the chance for delighted parents to shout from the rooftops their joy in the arrival of a new child in their lives.

I will work beside you to enable you to create a ceremony or occasion, that exactly reflects your wishes and dreams for the future of your family and to assist you to give voice to all that you wish to bestow upon your child as they move forward into the world supported by your love.

“To live, will be an awfully big adventure”
Peter Pan, JM Barrie.